In the busy street of Allenby, through a narrow passageway, lies a magical green patch: welcome to the Tailor Made court yard. Tailor Made is a restaurant that beats with the heart of old Tel-Aviv, with its romantic touches of nostalgia.
From a courthouse in the days of the British mandate to a restaurant named after the illustrious fur-trader Stephan Braun… Tailor Made lies in a building that has always been a historic meeting place. From that place came the ambitious vision of a new dining and night life experience, one that Tel-Aviv has never seen before: an experience that combines old and new, tranquility with hustle and bustle, bar with a restaurant atmosphere, snacks and hearty meals. All tailor made to your specific wants and needs.
The restaurant is divided into several spaces – each a world of its own. The central space is used as a restaurant, which gently flows into the bar area. The impressive court yard and beautiful private event room each offer a different kind of excitement.
The menu, constructed by Chef Benny Azulay will keep you wanting more; the rich cocktail menu and all around complete experience that the Tailor Made provides each evening ensures that you'll have a great time, tailor made especially for you.

opening hours
Su. to  Sa. 19:00 till last customer

99 Allenby st. Tel Aviv